Seasonal Skinny Wk 27: Pinstripes & Graphic Tee | Easy Pattern Mixing

Want a no-brainer, falling off a log, way of mixing patterns?

To kick off the start of the Spring section of my Seasonal Skinny Style Challenge, we're following on from last week's foray into pattern mixing (Tweed & Pearls), but this time round with a decidedly more, laid back attitude.

Some people can find pattern mixing to be a daunting affair.  They don't know where to start and done badly, it can be too much for the eye and brain to process.

How can you successfully pattern mix so that it doesn't feel like visual noise and discordant visual noise at that!

One of the easiest ways to start your pattern mixing experience is to take a bold, graphic tee and wear a printed shirt over it. The graphic tee will bring a flavour of personality to your shirt and the shirt, a slightly cooler vibe than a cardigan.

To begin with, stick to a fail safe print for your shirt that won't pull the focus from the graphic print of your tee and it doesn't come more classic than

The Pinstripe Shirt.

A boyfriend style, striped shirt is perfect.  Even more perfect if the shirt does actually belong to your boyfriend/husband/partner!  Sadly, I cannot trawl through Tall Brown Fox's wardrobe to steal a pinstripe from him as

a) he doesn't own any.
b) And if he did, it would be a nightshirt on me, down to my ankles!  The Wee Willie Winkle look is one for children's book illustrations only!

When buying a graphic tee, choose a design that really means something to you.

That obscure, Icelandic heavy metal band t-shirt is fine and dandy, but only if you're an avid fan of said obscure, Icelandic heavy metal band!  

I bought this t-shirt a couple of summers ago, because I liked the minimalist design and the black and white photographic central panel.

Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world.   When I  *cough*  win big time on the lottery, one of the things I'll be doing with my moolah is buying a flat in the centre of Paris!

New York is a city I've had the great good fortune to visit twice in my life and if someone gave me a plane ticket to go again, I'd be packed and ready in a heartbeat!

Toyko, the third city, is not one I've been too - not yet!  From what I know, it sounds like an incredible place to visit.

I always like an element of playfulness in my clothes and I was, I must confess, amused that the 'i' in Paris, is actually the Eiffel Tower. What can I say?  Yes, I am that easily pleased!

So, the graphics of the tee resonated with me in a number of ways.

As this type of mixing does all the work for you, I only needed to keep the accessories to light touches - like a cherry on top of a cake!  The shirt and the tee are the cake, the patterns the icing and the....

Ok, so you get the gist of the metaphor!  Let's stop talking about cake please, as otherwise I'll be popping away from my laptop to pop the kettle on because you can't possibly have cake without a brew!

Anyway, back to the accessories!  Light touches, but nothing fey or twee.  Two studded bands sandwich a metallic bracelet in shades of silver and grey, complementing the colours of the t-shirt. My simple, jet black beaded choker I wore recently in my What to Wear to a Gig at 40+ post is the ideal necklace, without distracting from the pinstripes or the design of the tee.

Once you've mastered the pinstripe and graphic tee pairing, why not explore other combinations?  Personally, I think shirts with a regular pattern work best with graphic tees, especially if the tee is more abstract in design.

When the patterned shirt and tee are both abstract designs, worn together they can end up tumbling down that dreaded 'visual noise' route, unless you've a deft hand at pattern mixing. 

Patterns can easily compete against each other, knocking each other out, with the end result that you can't appreciate either print for what they individually are.  Neither have space to shine.

Most of us will have a plaid, tartan or checked shirt in their wardrobe.  They're a great staple which can be given a style boost when teamed with a graphic tee.

Kristin of DressedandFed effortlessly demonstrates how a graphic tee can add pizzazz to a red checked shirt, than if paired with just a white t-shirt.  The soft, almost grey lines of the shirt tone perfectly with the graphic of the tee.

Finally, for the more adventurous amongst you, upgrade to camo!

Here, Debbie, my blogging pal, from over the pond at Fashion Fairy Dust gives us a master class in how to rock a Long Camo Shirt with a Graphic Tee.  Even though it's a longer length shirt, it doesn't swamp because everything else is streamlined, from the sleek boots, to the dark blue denim picking up on the blue in the shirt, to the vertical wording, creating a column effect.

And yes, I concur, she is fabulous!  I love the rolled up jeans.

Dorothy Perkins Petite Skinny Jeans
Camaieu 3 City Graphic Tee (old)
TKMaxx Pinstripe Shirt (old) Boden Petite Cabin Stripe Girl Fit Shirt or Topshop Petite Contrast Striped Shirt.  Regular H&M Striped Shirt
Jet Black Beaded Choker (e-bay) old
Bracelets (old) from the Emporium of I Forget!
Joythestore Fringe bag
Boden Boots

And when you're ready to step out, slip on a leather jacket.  I decided to wear my waterfall style faux leather one, as it's more in  keeping with the soft style of the outfit and the neckline allows the shirt collars to fall over the folds of the jacket.

To avoid the teenage, emo look, stay away from pairing with distressed jeans, unless of course you fancy reliving your hormonally charged,  'the whole world is against me' angst stage of your adolescence!  My red skinny jeans are more grown up.

If you have to dress more conservatively during the week or have to wear a uniform, this look allows you to let your hair down a little at the weekend.  To go even more casual, opt for Converse, Vans or Stan Smiths instead of suede boots.

How do you like to wear your graphic tees?

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Seasonal Skinny Wk 26: Styling Tweed & Pearls | Modern Classics



What do they conjure up when you hear those words?  Traditional, stuffy, matronly, old fashioned, vintage, classic?

Country gents in tweed hacking jackets with leather elbow patches?
Doughty spinsters in twin sets and pearls?
Oh so very Downton Abbey?

Something you wouldn't be seen dead in for fear of looking like a little old granny?

Both are outdated, too conservative and not for the modern woman?


You have a smart tweed skirt or jacket that you found thrifting and you love that vintage vibe it has?
You have a precious strand of pearls given to you by your  Mum or Grandma, that's been handed down through the generations?
Both are classic pieces that have stood the test of time?

I'm decidedly in the latter camp, although I don't own a thrifted tweed garment or have a vintage pearl piece of jewellery - well, not yet anyway!  I thought it would be fun to pair these two classics, that are both heavily associated with bygone eras, together in an outfit that's easy to wear, far from stuffy and relevant to a modern, casual lifestyle.

Tips for Dressing Down your Tweed and Pearls

Keep the outfit on the casual side:

- slightly push the jacket sleeves up.
- wear a patterned shirt rather than a plain one - otherwise it begins to look too much like a suit plus it's the perfect opportunity to do a little pattern mixing!
- turn over the shirt cuffs and leave the shirt untucked.
- add another modern piece of jewellery to avoid looking like you're an extra from a Jane Austen adaptation.

The jacket is beautifully tailored for the outfit to withstand being less structured elsewhere.

Now, I could've have kept the jewellery to just my pearl necklace and bracelet for a paired down, pure classic look.  However, I wanted to inject an element of fun to fit my personality more and as a way of bringing in a contemporary twist.  My hot air balloon brooch - ironically itself a throwback to a bygone age of transport - is just enough of a quirky touch, without pulling focus from the pearls.

I'm really enjoying wearing greys and metallics for Spring.  Less formal and heavy looking than black and in keeping with the weekend feel of the outfit.

No need for a big tote or an elaborate bag; a simple, unfussy cross body bag in a metallic shade just finishes off the look.

The Tweed Blazer
I've been on the hunt for a while for a tweed blazer that was a little bit different and a couple of months ago, didn't I just find a gem of a one from Boden.

Boden's attention to detail is stamped all over this jacket.  Beautiful tailoring, neat stitching, sleek fit and the heritage tweed is milled by Abraham Moon & Sons of Yorkshire; exactly what you want from a British classic garment.  Heavens, I'm practically waving a Union Jack above my head, belting out 'Land of Hope and Glory', as I sip my steaming mug of Yorkshire tea!

The gingham pattern and the bold pairing of blue and wine though completely updates the jacket, moving it away from the familiar browns and earthy colours of yesteryear.  In fact, Boden also do this jacket in a pink and green gingham, if you want an even more feminine twist on your tweed.  I'm so tempted, so very tempted!

Note about size.  As always with any brand, it takes awhile to work out what size you are in each type of garment, even more so if you're a petite as you never know which camp you'll end up in - petite or regular.  With this jacket I had to buy 3 - yes THREE different sizes before I hit the jackpot!

Size 12 Regular: great length in jacket, but usual story of sleeves too long and shoulders to broad.

Size 12 Petite: perfect length in sleeves and I could fasten it BUT reaching forward with my arms and I was a tad concerned that a ripping sound might immediately follow such a move!

Size 14 Petite: torso length, sleeve length, fit of shoulders, reach across the back ALL TICKETY BOO!  So sizing up for me was the right step.

I'm wearing it with skinny jeans which in many ways is an obvious way to wear your tweed blazer BUT this is my Seasonal Skinny Style Challenge after all!  In any case, the depth of colour of my wine coloured jeans brings out the check / gingham pattern in a way that denim jeans wouldn't have.

The beauty of this jacket is that it will look fabulous with tailored shorts and patterned tights, a counterpoint texture to a leather skirt or worn with a pleated midi skirt as an alternative to a cardigan.

The Pearls
My pearls have a very special place in my heart, as they were custom made for me for my wedding day, with a matching bracelet and earrings.  Pearls are my birthstone (June) so when it came to deciding what wedding jewellery I would wear, it was a done deal it would be pearls!

I love illusion necklaces and I wanted a simple, delicate one to wear with my wedding dress that had thin, crystal covered, ivory, spaghetti straps.  The necklace was just enough softness around my neck to balance out the lace and crystals of the dress.

I've worn the set quite alot since getting married, and not exclusively at weddings either, although weddings are the perfect excuse to wear them again!  I often wearing them with summer dresses or evening tops and I always get a goosebump feeling when I'm wearing them because as soon as they're on, they remind me of one of the best days of my life!

Dorothy Perkins Petite Skinny Jeans
Boden Petite British Tweed Blazer  Currently in clearance and even more of a bargain than when I bought it in the sale.  Available still in both petite and regular but sizes are limited.
Camaieu Patterned Shirt (old)
Pearl Illusion Matching Necklace & Bracelet (old, custom made) Charms of Light
Hot Air Balloon Brooch bought in a shop in Bath about 20 years ago!  But here's the exact same Brooch on etsy
Accessorize Kylie Metallic Cross Body Bag
Boden Boho Boot  Currently on sale, only a few sizes left in the 3 colours.

Tweed and Pearls Footnote
Classic pieces whether garments or jewellery are such strong statements in themselves that you don't need to limit yourself to keeping them only for formal events.  Dress them up, for sure, but also make sure you have fun with them in everyday life!  

That way, it makes them truly versatile wardrobe staples that will give you years of pleasure. 

What classic or modern pieces do you like mixing together?

Seasonal Skinny Wk 25: Hot Pink Sundae | Hot Pink, Mint & Leopard Print

It's back!  The Seasonal Skinny is back!  Did you think it had run aground?

The past couple of months, the Trade Winds of Life have pushed me off course from my Seasonal Skinny journey.  Never fear, it was never in danger of running aground but I have got seriously behind!  I've still got one more Winter Seasonal Skinny outfit to go after this, yet we're well underway with Spring.  Ah well, no matter.  The sky hasn't fallen in and in any case, I'm doing this Seasonal Skinny Style Challenge for me and not as a competition with a deadline!

However, I thought it was about damn time I put on my captain's hat, hauled the sails up and heaved ho me way back on track.

Enough of this sea talk, my landlubbers, we've the far more important task of basking in some sun, with a calorific helping of hot pink, mint and leopard print, with my Hot Pink Sundae outfit and a tale of lost shoes, refound!

The outfit is simplicity itself; just a favourite wool cardigan from yesteryear, a round neck tee and the skinny jeans. Hardly a trio that will set the fashion world alight BUT then again, I'm lounging on the patio wall in my back garden in the afternoon sun, not strutting down a Milan catwalk.

When an outfit is this simple in its basic elements, bold and striking colour combinations are the way to make an impact and we've certainly got that happening with the glorious Hot Pink against the wine coloured jeans.  And the mint top is a quieter, but no less interesting foil, to the richness of the cardigan and jeans.

The top on its own has pretty detailing, with the embroidery and the panels of pin tucking but add a tassel necklace and bracelet, slip on some kitten heeled, leopard print booties and in a blink of an eye, the look is punching above its weight.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that the jewellery doesn't exactly match.  The necklace is silver with shades of red and green and the bracelet is gold with at least 5 different coloured panels ranging from turquoise to emerald green.  Growing up, I remember it just wasn't the done thing to wear gold and silver together. Women of my Mum's and further back, Grandma's generation would never have mixed their metals!  Sorry Grandma, times have changed.

It may not be the most fashion forward outfit ever to grace the pages of a blog, but it does have versatility stamped all over it.

Sunday Brunch?      No problem, I'll have scrambled eggs and smoked salmon please.

A quick burst of errand running?      I'll grab my purse.

An informal, freelance meeting with colleagues?     Absolutely.  I'm liberated from having to wear corporate suits!

Neighbours popping round for a natter and a cuppa?   I'll pop the kettle on and breathe a silent sigh of relief that I'm no longer now still in my pyjamas at 3 c'clock in the afternoon when working from home!

Part of doing this challenge is finding an everyday style that's a step up from the all too ubiquitous jeans and stripey top combo I used to wear.  No longer working in an office, means I've had to radically change my business attire!  Dressing for days in the Pilates studio though are a walk in the park.  Here's my idiot proof guide to dressing in the morning:

Step one.  Grab a stretchy top from my stretchy top pile.
Step two.  Grab a pair of leggings from my leggings pile.
Pull on and go!

Could it get any simpler than that?  Aren't you jealous I can literally sleep walk my way through dressing in the morning????

It's the 'non-teaching but I'm still working' hours that are the minefield, requiring a re-jig of the wardrobe.  An outfit like this ticks my requirements of practical, playful, polished and poised (excuse me whilst I just pop my thesaurus back on the shelf!) Throw on either a leather jacket or a trench and I'm ready to go.

In recent weeks, there's been an unashamed and totally indulgent love fest going on with my new snakeskin boots (worn here: Spring Pastels, Rock Chick VibePlayful Polkadots ).  I thought it was about time we redressed the balance and had some leopard print love back on the blog.

I already have three other leopard print boots (Doc Martens, Chelsea Boots and Cuban Heels).  You can never have enough leopard print footwear in your life in my humble opinion, especially if they were all bought for a song on e-bay!  However, my kitten heels weren't.  I fell - excuse the upcoming pun - head over heels for them as soon as I set eyes on them 7 years ago when Mary Portas did a collection for Clarks.

Now these are boots to have fun in, don't you think?  The kitten heel, sultry, so sleek, proving heels don't have to be ridiculously towering, to be sexy.   I might as well be strutting down a Milan catwalk with these babies on.

Truth be told, I'd almost forgotten I had these!  


I know, I know, criminal!  How could you possibly forget a pair like these?  In my defence, me lud, I knew I had them somewhere but could I find them?  Could I heck!  It would've been easier to find Yeti, the Abominable Snowman.

Last weekend it was come hell or high water in my determination to find them, ending up with me snuffling around on my hands and knees, in the depths of one of my wardrobes, like a crazed boar sniffing for truffles!  And when I say depths, I mean depths!  The wardrobe in the bedroom has been built into the eaves so it goes back a loooong way under the slanting roof.  And of course, lo and behold, right at the back where the space narrows down to barely an inch, 

T-H-E-R-E      T-H-E-Y      W-E-R-E!

Intact in their shoe box.
Abandonned and hidden under two squishy luggage bags.
Along with another pair of shoes I thought I'd lost!

How they ended up there I've no idea.  I can only surmise that the shoe goblins were hiding them.

Sound the trumpets for the return of the lost shoes!  

Dorothy Perkins Petite Jeans
Tu at Sainsbury's Mint Embroidered Top S/S15.  Very Mint Embroidered Vest Top
Benetton Cardigan (ancient)  Hot Pink Cropped Cardigan
Dorothy Perkins Red Bead Tassel Necklace  bought in the sale for £5 and still available!
Accessorize Bracelet (old)
Mary Portas at Clarks La Antoinette, Leopard Print Ankle Boots (old)  Not a boot but a Kitten Heel Court

Hot Pink Sundae Footnote
Kitten heels immediately add a touch of glamour to your block colour outfit, especially if in leopard print.  Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

And if you do have favourite leopard print footwear, make sure you keep on speaking terms with the shoe goblins, so they don't spirit away your killer kitten heels!

Have you ever hunted high and low for a favourite item and not found it but know, just know, it's so close you can almost smell it?

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Transitioning to Spring: Aqua, Mint, Blue with Brown

I love Springtime - tis my favourite season BUT it's unpredictable.  You have to be prepared for all climatic occurences, meaning dressing can be challenging!  With the arrival of Spring I'm eager to say farewell to Winter clothes and embrace more Spring like colours. I'm envious of those bloggers who are already shedding layers and parading their beautifully pedicured tootsies in sandals.  It's still boots and beanies in the UK!

If you read my Spring Coat post last Thursday you'll know that Easter Sunday was particularly deceptive.  We had blue skies above but brrrrrr... beware that nip in the air.  So I stared the day right back in the face.  

A Spring coat for warmth - most practical.

But in this year's colour of Rose Quartz - absolutely playful.

And paired with chocolate brown - 'a yummy chocolate with a pink filling' ...

... is how Dawn of Fashion Should Be Fun delightfully described it when she kindly commented on the original post.  I agree; it's a deliciously fondant fancy of an outfit, even if my left coat pocket is sticking out! Tsk! (Note to self: sack the photographer for not noticing).

Rose Quartz Coat, Brown Jeans, Lands End Top | Petite Silver Vixen

Rose Quartz Coat, Brown Jeans, Lands End Top | Petite Silver Vixen

'But let's not rehash old posts, Petite Vix', I hear you cry!  

'That coat was then, we want the Aqua, Mint and Blue your post title tantalized us with!'

So, what to wear when in this transitional phase when you crave lighter colours but head to toe Summer pastels feel somewhat presumptious?

I adopt my fail safe approach of pairing light with dark.  

Take one grounding colour for the lower half - chocolate brown 
pair with a bright cardigan or jacket for the upper - the aqua
add a sprinkling of colour with a multi coloured top/shirt - blue and grape
throw in a dollop of metallic - bag
garnish with a dash of minty bling - the necklace!

 Petite Dorothy Perkins Jeans & Cardigan, Petite Lands End Top. Yosa Necklace | Petite Silver Vixen

Petite Dorothy Perkins Jeans & Cardigan, Petite Lands End Top. Yosa Necklace | Petite Silver Vixen

Petite Dorothy Perkins Jeans & Cardigan, Petite Lands End Top. Yosa Necklace | Petite Silver Vixen

There can often be a satisfying aligning of the planets when colours match exactly but do we always want to do this?

Pffffff!  Not really.

Matching everything to within an inch of its life, can be a tiring practice and limiting. Much more fun to mix tones as I've done here.  The pastels of the aqua cardigan, the mint necklace and the serenity blue and grape in the top are similar enough in shade that they're all quite happy hanging out together.

Keeping the bag and shoes in the same tonal palette as each other also brightens the look and stops the grounding colour of the chocolate brown from being too dominant.  Metallic accessories are in this Spring - especially rose gold.  My metallic blush bag is fortuitously on trend, despite being bought second hand from e-bay a few years ago, proving you don't have to spend loads to be current! Bet the seller wishes they'd kept it now!

Finally, my snakeskin boots are the perfect companion piece to the bag without being matchy-matchy.

Petite Dorothy Perkins Jeans & Cardigan, Petite Lands End Top. Yosa Necklace | Petite Silver Vixen

Dorothy Perkins Petite Chocolate Skinny Jeans sold out:  Lands End Brown Jeans available in both petite and regular.
Dorothy Perkins Petite Aqua Cardigan SS15: Aqua Cardigan
Lands End Petite Weathered Grape Floral Jersey Top bought in the sale still currently going and available in both petite and regular.  I love the description - weathered grape!
Yosa Ditzy Mint Necklace
Metallic Blush Bag (ebay) Bailey & Quinn Metallic Straw Bag
Marks&Spencer Snakeskin Boots: sold out

Spring Footnote
This outfit is really just a riff on a previous one; it's not that dissimilar to when I wore these same brown jeans last month.  The basic components are the same; colourful top, cardigan, jeans, bling and boots!

However, a few tweaks here, a colour change there, swap a bag and violà, we've transformed a Winter feel look into a fresh, Springlike one!

I mean, no need to reinvent the wheel, right?

Teal Cardigan, Boden Petite Shirt. New Look Necklace | Petite Silver Vixen

Petite Dorothy Perkins Jeans & Cardigan, Petite Lands End Top. Yosa Necklace | Petite Silver Vixen

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Featured on Links à la Mode: 6th April

Well blow me down with a feather!  I've gawn and dun a double and all on a post that centred around...doubles!  

Thanks to Lisa at Independent Fashion Bloggers for including me in her weekly round-up  - Links à la Mode for a second week in a row! 

I'm chuffed that my Double Denim | Modern Boho Chic post was chosen, especially as the flavour of the post - Modern Boho Chic isn't a natural fit for me.  I loved pulling this trend together with my first ever double denim look. With my new denim trench, I can't wait to style more double denim looks in the coming months.  I'm gonna be so denim-ed out by Christmas!

Onto the links...

I thoroughly enjoyed the photos of Antwerp on We Are Ready Made's post - I've been to Antwerp briefly for a day and it's a lovely City.  The vibrant photos brought back some great memories and the grafitti/artwork photos they captured should inspire the colour lovers amongst us! 

So far this year, Tall Brown Fox and I have managed to get to 3 exhibitions in London so I was intrigued by FemmeViolet's post on a new exhibition at a museum I know well - the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - a City I spent a wonderful 5 days visiting about 15 years ago.  #techstyle is all about clothes being recycled, wearable art, garments being created via 3D printers so where the crossroads of fashion and technology meet.

All the links are below so dive in a discover some new blogs

Lisa Walker writes: Whoever thought that ‘Big Box Store’ and ‘Fashion’ could be mentioned in the same sentence without an ounce of sarcasm? Well, it’s happened, been happening for a while, and just seems to be getting better. On trend denim and fashion forward designer collaborations checking out with Q-tips and dijon mustard. Just like the good ol’ days of the general goods store. Well, maybe not quite that.
1970’s essentials seem to be gaining traction in 2016, and IFB Bloggers are sharing their favorite ways to make those looks current. Gift guides if you’re shopping in Tokyo or from the comfort of your computer screen. Also, some opinion on what keeping a New Year’s resolution looks like and what a little pampering can do. And I was especially excited by the color coral and Ankara prints this round up.
Thanks for all the submissions this week. You all make it such a challenge to pick only twenty.
Links à la Mode, April 7
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Spring Coat | Rose Quartz & Chocolate Brown | Metallic & Snakeskin

There's an old English proverb which says;

'Ne're cast a clout till May be out'

In old English, a clout is a piece of cloth or clothing.

'May' is slightly ambiguous here; it may mean the actual month of May, but it's much more likely to mean the blossom of the Hawthorn tree, which is often known as the May tree and whose flowers bloom in late April/early May.

So, in today's English it means;

'Don't pack your Winter clothes away, until you've seen the May blossom!'

I heeded this sage advice over the Easter weekend, as although Spring is officially here - hurrah! - that North wind was still making its presence felt round our way on Easter Sunday, hence the need for beanie hat, gloves and scarf that day.  But with the clocks having sprung forward, I'm reveling in the longer daylight hours, and I'm ready to start wearing some lighter colours.

Springtime still requires a coat in this country (!) and I've the perfect coat for those Spring days when the air has a bite to it; one that's lighter in weight and colour, all the better to reflect the new season.

Now it just so happens that my second outfit post of the week is one featuring a coat (Monday's was my Double Denim post featuring my new trench coat), but hey, that's just the way the bloggin' post dice roll sometimes!  It's a two coats for the price of one, blog week, you lucky readers!

One new, one old, both petite, both beloved.

Walk this earth long enough and you'll learn that colours and styles in fashion are cyclical.  By now, you'll know that Rose Quartz is one of Pantone's colours for 2016.  Lucky me that this coat I bought - oh my - almost 20 years ago when petite ranges were few and far between, is now an en vogue colour!

And this isn't a coat that's been delicately wrapped away in my wardrobe.  Oh no, it's been worn and I mean really worn; it was and still is a working coat.  I've loved it and looked after it and therefore it's served me well to the extent it's still going strong 2 decades later.  The lining is beginning to go in a couple of places sadly, BUT relining a coat isn't such a big deal.

When I do get it relined, it will probably last another 20 years!

I've seen many bloggers pairing rose quartz, light pink and all shades of blush with grey.  However, knowing I had this chocolate brown scarf with ivory and rose coloured threads running through it, it was obvious I had to pair the coat with said scarf and my chocolate brown skinny jeans (seen recently in my Subtle Pattern Mixing post).

Light pinks can feel 'twee'; bordering perilously close to 'girly' territory. Fine if you're a 20 something but maybe not the look you want to portray if you're nearing your half century and not out!

The earthiness of the chocolate brown, grounds the pink without over-powering it.  The two complimenting colours of the threads in the scarf stop the brown from being too one note.  Adding a metallic bag and snakeskin boots - both of which are trends this Spring - easily updates the coat and provides colour contrast.

You're now safely away from the realms of  'girly'!    PHEW!

Petite Principles Coat (ancient)  Austin Reed Pink Cocoon Coat currently half price.
Dorothy Perkins Petite Skinny Jeans
Scarf from the Emporium of I Forget
Accessorize Beanie and Gloves (old)
Next Metallic Bag (e-bay) Star by Julian Macdonald Metallic Winged Grab Bag or if you prefer a cross body Accessorize Metallic Cross Body Bag 
Marks & Spencer Snakeskin Boots A/W15 but sold out now.  Heeled Snakeskin Ankle Boots

And here's a sneaky peak at what I was wearing underneath the coat - only a peak mind - as the full post will be touching down next week. Because we're transitioning into Spring, I mirrored on the inside what I did outside by pairing light colours with dark; a bright cardigan and a floral top in shades of aqua, mink and maroon!  Oh, aren't I just so fancy pants with my colour names!  Well, they're a little more exciting than just saying blue and beige!

Beloved Coat Footnote
Never throw something away because you worry it's not 'trendy' anymore.  If you love it and it works for you, cherish it and let it bring you joy.

Spending a little time taking care of the items you love in your wardrobe will pay dividends and sooner than you think, they'll be back in style again, (give or take a decade or two)!

Depending where in the world you are, are you transitioning into lighter layers and more Spring-like colours or is Spring still a way off for you?

And what beloved items are still going strong in your wardrobe?

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