Seasonal Skinny Wk 34: Awesome Accessories | Leopard Print, Denim Shirt & Straw Clutch

As the American financier and philanthropist, Sanford I. Weill said,

'Details create the big picture.'

This is so true in life - from performing any kind of task, to planning for an event.

Take away the details and what do you have?

Merely an idea, a framework, but something not fully realised.

Of course we all need to have the initial idea, otherwise nothing is created.  But from there, the details build, the details bring it to life; the details are the stepping stones to understanding.

As a Pilates teacher, I deal with detail day in and day out.  I have too.  I could wax lyrical to my clients about big ideas involved in movement, such as neuro-muscular pathways, fascial connections, integration of bodily systems - big global information.  Fabulous, mind blowing stuff.  Do you have a spare hour or three ...

... but I'll rein myself in!

If that's all I gave, all the big global information and didn't initially tell them with simple cues the detail of what they need to do to move, they'd get so confused they probably wouldn't move at all.  Or if they did, they'd be thinking 'I'm not sure what the heck I'm supposed to be doing here', especially if I was just asking them to breathe!

Big picture stuff is needed and yes, at the right moments I do expound on those ideas I've mentioned, to my clients. And even if I don't, I have to understand the underlying theories of what I teach. But most of the time they just need very specific, small details, layered as we go through the number of repetitions.

left, right, up, down, direction, push, pull, softer, lengthen, eyes, feet, breathe, release, SMILE!

These kinds of details go into making the bigger picture of whatever movement or exercise we're doing, whether that's The Hundreds, Corkscrew or Swimming.  Without the little detail, without the one or two important cues that so often gives a client that 'light bulb' moment, they wouldn't get the bigger picture at all.

How exactly does this relate to my outfit?

I had the grand idea to team my denim shirt with my red skinny jeans, with a cami top underneath and some swanky footwear, which ones, well, didn't matter at the initial stage.  I just knew they would be swanky!  Once everything was assembled I could have stopped there and just presented a 'big picture' of a very serviceable outfit - nothing wrong with it - but still just a serviceable outfit of jeans, shirt and cami. 

However, this is a style challenge and serviceable and style challenge do not happy bed fellows make!

Instead, by adding little details and textures, I've made the outfit come to life.  End result is a far more interesting picture.

An upturned collar.

Rolled up sleeves.

Now we're getting somewhere.

Let's add some awesome accessories.

A necklace?  No... how about something different ...  a scarf, or even better, a leopard print tie scarf?

Yes, and then we could top and tail with leopard print by wearing our leopard print ankle booties!

Add a bracelet from Lizzie O, I was given earlier this year when I attended the 30-40+ Blogger Meet in London.

Pair it with a straw clutch for another texture.

Now we're rockin'!

My accessories collection has grown exponentially in the last few years - no more so than since I started blogging!  At this rate, my whole house will be brimming with accessories and Tall Brown Fox and I will be squeezed into the corner of our kitchen, with only enough room to open the fridge door!


- accessories don't take up any where near the room clothes do.  Thank goodness because I want to be able to move about my house easily!
- they don't have to be expensive.  Some of my favourites are thrifted, second hand or sale items.  My clutch and leopard print tie were £10 and £2 respectively in the sale!
- they can elevate an outfit from ordinary to extra-ordinary.

I have a penchant for animal print accessories because they're easy ways of adding texture and print to a colour block outfit as I did in my Hot Pink Sundae post from a few months ago.

I've even mixed different accessory prints together, such as in last year's Leopard Print Accents post where I patterned mixed 4 different leopard prints with two plaid ones.

The leopard tie scarf has already made an appearance in the Seasonal Skinny Style Challenge back in November, in my Oversized Tartan Shirt post so it was fun to bring it out again but this time to liven up a colour block outfit.

Dorothy Perkins Petite Skinny Jeans (old)
Next Denim Shirt (ancient) MOTO Fitted Denim Shirt
New Look Leopard Print Scarf (old)  Leopard Print Skinny Scarf
Joy the Store Straw Clutch (old) ASOS Straw Chevron Detail Clutch
Boots Mary Portas for Clarks (old).  Kaleidoscope Leopard Print with contrast heel

Awesome Accessories Footnote

So there you have it.  Details create the big picture.  It's quite a skill as a teacher to layer detail, to know when and how to impart information succintly to avoid overloading your client.  And co-ordinating and layering accessories requires a deft hand; get it right and a light sprinkling of awesome accessories elevates even the most run of the mill outfits.

What awesome accessories do you like to use?

Want to know more about my challenge?  Read the story behind my Seasonal Skinny Style Challenge.


  1. I adore the addition of leopard print to this outfit! Those booties are fabulous!

    1. Thanks Laura, the leopard just perks things up!

  2. Like these burgundy jeans, I know keep seeing burgundy everywhere - I think it's calling me, so I'll be adding this to my transitional wardrobe for sure. Jacqui

    1. Thanks Jacqui. Allow it to call you - it's a versatile colour!

  3. A girl after my own heart as I am a big fan of the ability of leopard print to amp up the effect of any outfit. The beauty of accesories I find is how they change items that we all have lurking in the closet that seem a little dull and make them really shine.As always I have thoroughly enjoyed your writing.

    1. Thank you Jill, very touched you enjoyed my writing. And yes, accessories do amp up - I like that phrase!

  4. I love your leopard touches with that cool bag! Such a great combination in this look.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    1. Thank you Amy. The bag is kinda the finishing touch!

  5. You're exactly right. Adding the finishing touches takes it from the clothes you're wearing to an outfit. It makes it intentional and put together!!
    I know what you mean about the accessories adding up since the start of blogging---but who can resist?
    Like that bracelet---love, love, love!

    1. That's both the plus and minus of blogging, isn't it Jodie. The expanding collections!
      I was very chuffed with the bracelet.

  6. I was just a few days ago thinking about buying some leopard print ankle boots. You are wearing the perfect ones! Threes are ones I want....and need course!

    1. Oh you must buy a pair, Nancy! I can't tell you how useful they are.
      I would share mine but I have such tiny feet so....

  7. That clutch just pops with the leopard print scarf and booties, Jacqueline! You've created a perfect canvas for displaying the details!

    - Sherry

    1. Thanks Sherry and for your marathon commenting on my other posts too - so sweet.

  8. Sweet! Love details, often times they take an outfit to the next level, as you have shown! The leopard booties and clutch very pretty not to mention the wine colored pants. Now, about the topic of neuromuscular involvment See, I like that kind of stuff! With my muscle disease, EDS, throughtout the years I have learned the muscles of my body as it is easier to communicate and I like the details :-)
    Thanks for linking up with TH tuesday
    jess xx

    1. They do indeed take an outfit to new heights. I knew you would appreciate the neuromuscular involvement and connections. It all adds to understanding what you have and how you cope with it, I'm sure. Knowledge is power.

  9. What a fabulous process your mind goes through in putting together an outfit, Jacqueline. I wish I were that methodical. In truth, I select an element and then look around, hoping to find something in the pile over there or the pile over here. Or perhaps something which looks as though it's about to fall off a hanger :) I'm really liking this ensemble, equal parts fun+sassy+rocking.

    p/s I had no idea you taught Pilates, I love it and used to go three times a week :)

    1. Thank you but I assure you Sheela, it's not always that methodical! It can often be very random and utterly chaotic! I happily swing between the two. But we endeavour and sometimes we succeed better than other times.
      Yes, teaching 10 years next year! Wow, that's gone quickly. Glad to know you're a fan of Pilates.

  10. Your right. It's the little items that make a big difference. I have definitely learned this since blogging. A fabulous look here x

    1. Thank you Laurie. I do enjoy detail and love seeing how that can make all the difference.

  11. I agree, details definitely do make a difference! I'm loving the ones you added to your outfit!
    Jeans and a Teacup

    1. Thank you Jessica. I'm definitely getting my money's worth from all my leopard print accessories!

  12. I love the colour of this seasons skinnies and the leopard touches are brilliant.
    Leopard seems to lift the look from nice to wow!
    Great styling.

    1. Thanks Samantha. It's what leopard print does best I feel. Lifts an outfit to greater heights.

  13. Details indeed! I am afraid though, that I just can't cope with leopard! I tried buying a big floppy hat in Primark last year and I wore it out to a party in London and someone was so rude about it that I lost my confidence in trying to wear it! I wasn't sure but then they made some really snide comments about it!x

    1. Oh how horrid of that person to make a snide comment! That's really not on.
      I didn't used to be confident about leopard as back in my youth it was rather looked down upon - you know Bet Lynch style. But I started off small - as here with accessories - and nowadays it's so mainstream it's become a neutral. Maybe give it another whirl sometime?


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