If you're interested in working with me or you'd like to get in touch, you can email me on petitevix[at]
I promise I don't bite.

You can also say hello and connect with me on social media and the two main channels I inhabit are:

Instagram: @petitevix

I showcase my style, outfits and fashion.
I sprinkle my grid with occasional photos of nature, art and architecture.
No pouty lips photos, no banal inspirational quotes and definitely no shots of gym workouts!  The world has enough shots of abs already.

Twitter: @petitevix

I mostly tweet links to my blog posts - well, I've got to let folks know!
Fabulous links to fellow bloggers posts that are worth your while reading.
Plus bon mots and things that amuse me.

If you're a brand interested in collaborating, do get in touch via email and social media.

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